I help highly accomplished professionals recognize the strengths that overlap in their work and life. Clarity breeds confidence. As a result, they take bigger risks, see greater rewards, and become experts at managing change.

My clients become their own best advocates. They become more informed about how to positively impact their workplace cultures, as well as how to give and get help. They learn insights into how to lead, manage and strategize for career and business growth.

With my background in organizational behavior, leadership development,and work-life, I use proven methodologies and tools to break patterns, create momentum and ease transitions.

My work with individuals focuses on strategic career advancement that acknowledges caregiving demands, navigating career transition, and resolving work-life conflict.

Rachael was able to guide me--through tailored exercises, articles and discussion--toward a finer perspective of my career, both past and future. The most important takeaway from our sessions is the new sense of confidence I've gained about my skills and abilities. Rachael also stresses balance between career, parenthood and partnership. As a parent, it's harder to spend quality time with everyone, including yourself, and Rachael has some excellent insight into creating workable goals for both short- and long term happiness. 

-Bonnie Naugle, Communications Manager at The American Institute for Conservation of Historic & Artistic Works