I speak regularly at corporations, women's leadership groups and conferences, and frequently moderate panels. I'm a popular public speaker on entrepreneurship,  women's leadership and work-life. I'd love to speak at your next event. Here are some of my most common speaking topics: 

• What makes a company "family friendly?"
• This question leads most of us to think about the working mom's
dilemma, but that's not what I'm asking. A truly family friendly company
meets the needs of all its employees' families. Moms and dads, sons
and daughters, brothers and sisters, dog-owners. We all fit one of those
categories. At one point or another we will be faced by caregiving responsibilities.
Laws and policies are critical to supporting us at work and
at home. But without careful thought about how work is organized and
how those policies are implemented, we might as well not have the
laws at all.
• Over the past fifteen years coaching and consulting, I have seen many
ways in which policies are implemented poorly or ignored. But I'm seeing
some bright spots too. I've learned about companies that are able
to be highly profitable and efficient while respecting employee needs
outside of work. I share their successes and point out our collective areas
for improvement.

Strategies for Work/Life Integration
• Work-Life Balance is a myth, but work life integration is a practice to be learned.
In this 90-minute workshop, participants will gain:
• Tools to navigate the difficult aspects of personal transition on their lives &
• Strategies for creating healthy boundaries for work and life
• Guidelines to help them live their values and meet external demands in all
aspects of their lives

Critical Conversations Around Work/Life
This workshop will address management concerns about work-life and flexibility
and teach managers how to design productive conversations with employees
reworkingparents 2016
on these topics. Participants will learn how personal transitions can be leveraged
to promote leadership development and improve team performance.
In this 90-minute workshop, Participants will:
• Explore how employees’ work-life needs cloud or enhance their perception of
their performance
• Discuss the most common conversation topics through this period and learn
how to approach them.
• Learn best practices in team building and communication
• Leave with a plan for translating these ideas into action with teams and
individual employees.