Speaking & Workshops

Rachael speaks regularly at corporations, women's leadership groups and conferences, and frequently moderate panels. She is a popular public speaker on entrepreneurship,  women's leadership and work-life. Her areas of expertise includes the following topics:

Each of these topics could be a 1 session workshop, a presentation, or a series. 


Strategies for Work/Life Integration
Work-Life Balance is a myth, but work life integration is a practice to be learned. I offer tools to navigate the difficult aspects of personal transition on lives & careers.  I teach strategies for shifting perspectives creating healthy boundaries for work and life. 

Critical Conversations Around Work/Life
Having work-life conversations can be difficult for you and your manager too.  I teach both employees and managers how to design productive conversations with employees on these topics. Participants will learn how personal transitions can be leveraged
to promote leadership development and improve team performance.

What makes a company Family Friendly? 

A truly family friendly company meets the needs of all its employees' families. Moms and dads, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, dog-owners. We all fit one of those categories. At one point or another we will be faced by caregiving responsibilities. I've learned about companies that are able to be highly profitable and efficient while respecting employee needs outside of work. I share their successes and point out our collective areas for improvement.


How to Prepare for Working Parenthood

Rachael teaches expecting parents how to prepare for their new phase of life at home and at work. Her 5P framework helps prepare for and understand the new demands they are soon to encounter. 

Integrating Your Strengths as a Working Parent 

Your roles as a professional and a parent don't always have to be in conflict. Learn how being a parent can enhance your ability to perform at work and how your ability to manage at home can help you develop management skills at work. 







I asked Rachael to be the featured speaker at our launch event. Rachael shared advice on “How to Build, Maintain and Maximize Your Network” and everyone left the event feeling more confident about our networking ability thanks to her savvy know-how and time-tested tips.
— Jenny Powers, Founder & CEO Running with Heels

Women's Leadership

How to Build, Maintain and Maximize Your Network

Networking is the key to professional growth and learning.  Learn the most important qualities of a good network. Develop a personalized strategy and action plan for navigating the transition. 

Self Presentation and Influence at Work

Self Presentation is a mixture of emotional expression, control, syncrony and empathy. At work, as in life, we learn to sharpen our self-presentation skills in relationship to others. In this session, learn to leverage your ability to present yourself calmly and confidently and promote your ability to influence others. 

Leveraging Personal Change for Professional Growth

Life and work are not two distinct and separate spheres — they bleed into each other with regularity, arguably more so for women than for men. For many of us, we see these moments as professional hurdles. In this session we will explore how these moments can be viewed as opportunities for integration and growth.  We will talk about how acknowledging and addressing the complete ecosystem of life, including your life outside of work can make you into the leader you aspire to be.

Identifying Your Unique Value Add 

When asked about their greatest strengths at work, I often hear clients talk about their willingness to go over and above what's needed. Many women consider giving more and more of our time at work to be our greatest asset. As caregiving demands increase, time is more and more scarce. I teach participants to identify their unique value add at work.