My big question for Rachael was, how do I keep from maxing out as a working mom without compromising my ability to keep learning and moving forward in my field? In our jam-packed hour long session, she was able to help me identify which areas of my work I am most passionate about and reframe both my short-term and long term outlook. Her advice was both concrete and personal - I felt like she really understood me from just that short session.
— Jill Casal, Higher Education Administration, Mom of 2

Sounding Board Session

The Sounding Board : A Single, Strategic Session to Confidently Decide Your Next Move 

We will discuss one major professional or personal decision.. We will explore possibilities and determine when you should revisit your decision.In one 90 minute session, we tackle your question and give you a solid answer and action plan. You will receive a written summary will follow within a few days of our session. 

In order to help you get clarity, we will:

  • Pinpoint what things you need to be doing less or more of, differently, or stop doing altogether.
  • Review your accomplishments and experiences of the course of your working life

Our sessions could focus on:

  • Development of a clearly outlined road map for exploring new career options
  • How to articulate boundaries at work and home
  • Proposing and framing a flexible work arrangement
  • Establish a personal brand identity by uncovering what about you cannot be replaced or duplicated
  • Proactively address and manage workplace conflicts
  • Professional development plan

What you can expect during our time together:

  • An action oriented, disciplined approach. Each session begins with an assessment of current state, includes reflection, clarifying priorities and ends with action steps. 
  • Exclusive access to resources, exercises and articles to help you gain clarity 
  • Meaningful preparation assignments