Workplace cultures can be rigid and particularly hard for working parents. Many of us choose to take our own path in the new world of work. Working for yourself may seem like a great idea, but you have concerns about how it will impact you and your family.

I have built multiple businesses over the course of my career. In this era of diminishing compensation and job security, I provide Small Business/Entrepreneur Coaching to the people who are more inclined than ever to follow their entrepreneurial spirit.

  • I combine academic training and resources with professional expertise to address small-business needs.
  • I also support individuals and teams who are starting their own organizations in the non-profit or for-profit sectors.
  • I use a methodical approach to identify each clients beliefs, hopes and dreams for their business venture.
  • I customize services for every client; helping them put together the resources the business or organization needs most.

If you think you could benefit from any of the above, I would love to speak with you in a complimentary exploratory session.




“I don’t think we realized how much we needed help before starting work with Rachael. Now our decisions are more focused, strategic and effective. Her experience and perspectives have helped us tap our full potential. I wish we had them sooner. “
— -Sean Oakes, SOS Principal, Father of 3