After years of coaching accomplished professionals, I have found that in order to be effective in your career you need to acknowledge and address the complete ecosystem of life, including your life outside of work. The reality is that home and work are not two distinct and separate spheres — they bleed into each other with regularity, arguably more so for working parents. 

I help clients navigate and thrive within this complex reality.

Guided by my experience in organizational behavior, leadership development, and work-life best practices, I work with individuals on a short- or longer-term basis to reduce stress, resolve conflicts and find the clarity to propel their careers forward without sacrificing their other priorities. Each session ends with the identification of concrete and practical actions to address specific goals and issues.

Using a variety of proven tools, pattern-breaking methodologies and written exercises, I help clients: 

  • Articulate boundaries at work and home
  • Propose and frame a flexible work arrangement
  • Establish a personal brand identity by uncovering what about you cannot be replaced or duplicated
  • Proactively address and manage workplace conflicts
  • Ramp up and maintaining career momentum
  • Develop a clear vision for an optimal future

If you think you could benefit from any of the above, I would love to speak with you in a complimentary exploratory session.




“I am so glad to have had the support to move through this stressful period. Now I can think about my next career choice based on what I really want for myself.”
— J.K., Senior Manager, Professional Services, Mom of 3
I had been in the process for a number of high level job searches, but was not getting any offers. I wanted to improve my presentation, have a consistent message, and address any issues with my interview style. I was having trouble feeling attuned to my audience, having a clear message and brand, presenting myself in the best light, Rachael helped me refine how I think about myself as a professional and how to best present my strengths. I left our session with there is a sense of clarity and confidence to guide me through that work.
— — M. Gottlieb, Educational Administrator, Father of 2