Rachael has a knack for delivering advice that makes an immediate impact. What impresses me most is her authenticity that is demonstrated through her never-ending positive energy. She takes great care to explore the root cause of what ails an organization, team, or individual office. I go to her for advice for an organization with 120,000 employees. She has the ability to look through the lens of grounded emotional intelligence and business acumen. In our discussions she has gone from micro to macro and vice versa while providing relevant insight. Rachael brings with her a wealth of experience founded in academic theory which makes her a true practitioner and scholar.
— Riz Shah, Organizational Culture Advisor at U.S. Department of Energy, Father of 3
My big question for Rachael was, how do I keep from maxing out as a working mom without compromising my ability to keep learning and moving forward in my field? In our jam-packed hour long session, she was able to help me identify which areas of my work I am most passionate about and reframe both my short-term and long term outlook. Her advice was both concrete and personal - I felt like she really understood me from just that short session.
— Jill Casal, Higher Education Administrator, Mother of 2
“I am so glad to have had the support to move through this stressful period. Now I can think about my next career choice based on what I really want for myself.”
— J.K., Senior Manager, Professional Services, Mom of 3
I don’t think we realized how much we needed help before starting work with Rachael. Now our decisions are more focused, strategic and effective. Her experience and perspectives have helped us tap our full potential. I wish we had hired her sooner.

I would highly recommend Rachael!
— Sean Oakes, Creative Leader, Father of 3, Principal at SOS Brooklyn
When I hired Rachael, I had stalled process of a high level job searches. I wanted to improve my presentation, have a consistent message, and address any issues with my interview style. Rachael helped me refine how I think about myself as a professional and how to best present my strengths. I left our session with a sense of clarity and confidence to guide me forward.
— Micah Gottlieb, Educational Administrator, Father of 2
Rachael knows how to transform you into your own best advocate.
— Manoush Zomorodi, Host, New Tech City on WNYC, Mother of 2
Rachael helped me recognize my strengths as a storyteller, a manager and build my professional confidence. I am now happily employed full-time in just the kind of job Rachael and I mapped out together.
— Deanna Zammit, Digital Content Director, Mother of 1
Rachael was able to guide me—through tailored exercises, articles and discussion—toward a finer perspective of my career, both past and future. The most important takeaway from our sessions is the new sense of confidence I’ve gained about my skills and abilities. Rachael also stresses balance between career, parenthood and partnership
— Bonnie Naugle, Communications Manager, Mother of 1
Rachael is that rare combination of highly intuitive, intelligent, and warmly reassuring personality that makes woking with a career coach something pleasurable, surprising, and incredibly helpful to have when searching for direction in one’s career.

She is uniquely suited to today’s job environment because she truly ‘gets’ the working mom’s dilemma of wanting job satisfaction while her role at home changes dramatically.
— Jamie Klein Daley, Group Strategy Director, Mother of 2
Rachael has a passion for helping women and men balance work and parenthood. She doesn’t only see the value, she actually knows it will ultimately help organizations succeed.
Nearly every encounter I have with her results in some sort of ‘ah ha’ moment that gives me clarity in my thoughts and the direction I should take.
— Michelle Fernandez, Business Development Director, Mother of 2
After having a baby, and moving from a very full time (travel heavy) job to working from home as a contractor, I needed to make some strategic decisions about next career steps with the desire to also be home with my daughter. I had to make a fundamental shift in how I approached career growth and goals. Rachael helped me talk through goals and set new standards for success.
— -Meredith Johnson, Public Art Consultant, Mother of 1