Parental Leave Coaching & Consulting 

Parental leave is a critical turning point that directly impacts the retention of top talent.

I am a proud partner in the Center for Parental Leadership (CPLL). CPLL provides parental leave consulting, coaching, research and training to some of the world’s greatest brands. We assist forward thinking companies – and their working parents – to navigate the complex transitional time of parental leave while maximizing its potential for development. Our work helps companies develop their leaders at a critical moment in their personal and professional lives – and in the process grow their leadership pipeline, strengthen their position as an employer of choice, and ensure a supported, engaged, and sustainable return to work for valuable employees.

Utilizing the RETAIN transition model, CPLL offers parental leave research and education (webinars, workshops, training); executive coaching for managers and employees experiencing leave; organizational consulting for strategy around parental leave policy and practice; and RETAIN certification - a selective training process for both organizations and independent executive coaches interested in receiving targeted parental leave training. 

All of the work of CPLL is based upon its collaborative active and ongoing research projects, both in the U.S. and globally.

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“Parental leave is your company’s most overlooked leadership development opportunity.”
— Amy Beacom, Founder & CEO, Center for Parental Leave Leadership