Employees today are being asked to do more with less.  A 2012 Towers Watson global workforce study found that organizations who engage employees around business goals AND help them manage stress, balance and workload see the highest returns. 

With minimal investment, organizations can ensure business growth by helping their highest performers manage work-life challenges.

Organizational consultations begin with an assessment of individual, team and organizational effectiveness.

Key questions include:

  • How do leaders earn employees’ trust and confidence, and show their commitment to employee well-being?
  • Do employees understand their strengths and how it relates to organizational priorities?
  • Do managers have the skills and time necessary to effectively differentiate and manage employees’ performance, coach their teams and support individuals’ career advancement?
  • Do employees have clarity around their career path with different work arrangements?
  • Are the right tools and processes in place for effective collaboration?
  • Are formal flexibility policies supported by positive informal attitudes toward flexibility?

I design customized interventions to build on strengths and styles of employees, managers and teams. By clarifying strategy, increasing flexibility and focusing on results, overall organizational performance improves. Reducing stress and work-life conflict is an important added benefit of a process that builds managerial competence, collaboration and innovation.   


"Rachael has the unique ability to work well and excel with clients, colleagues, partners, seeking to both learn from and share her extensive knowledge along the way. She is a gifted listener and synthesizer of information, working collaboratively with her clients and colleagues to embrace meaningful change. Rachael is passionate about personal and professional growth and it shows -- she is by far one of the most supportive colleagues I have ever had, and the pride she takes in transforming organizational culture is evident in the relationships she maintains and the work she delivers."

-Nicole Skibola, Principal, Centurion Global Consulting