REworking Organizations 

REworking Parents 

About half of all working parents, women and men, with children under age 18, have trouble balancing work and family life.  

Seeing our professional life as a career path and not just a paycheck makes all the difference. 

We live in a new world of work, where consistently building your skill set and adapt is absolutely essential to your success.  Change, uncertainty, and market fluctuations are the new new normal.  In this new reality, we have to be ready, willing and able to shift perspective and skills in order to grow and advance. 

Our methods are based on expertise in work-life integration, organizational behavior, leadership development and strategy planning. 

We believe in driving sustainable change for individuals to manage their careers and lives. 



REworking Organizations 

In the most successful companies

  •  Leadership shows a sincere interest in employees’ well-being
  • Employees know and understand the organization’s goals.
  • Supervisors recognize employee strengths.
  • There is a collective projects integrity and honesty. 

  • Employees can manage stress employees, and integrate work and life well. 

Using cutting edge methods of strategic planning we help companies develop strategies for engagement and innovation inside and outside the company.