Consulting For Organizations

Rachael has a knack for delivering advice that makes an immediate impact. What impresses me most is her authenticity that is demonstrated through her never-ending positive energy. She takes great care to explore the root cause of what ails an organization, team, or individual office. I go to her for advice for an organization with 120,000 employees. She has the ability to look through the lens of grounded emotional intelligence and business acumen. In our discussions she has gone from micro to macro and vice versa while providing relevant insight. Rachael brings with her a wealth of experience founded in academic theory which makes her a true practitioner and scholar.
— Rizwan Shah, Organizational Culture Program Advisor at U.S. Department of Energy, Father of 3

The key to organizational success depends on the insights and forethought of organizational leadership. I provide support and structure to help refine that vision, explore and set strategic objectives, develop team capacity, and implement processes to enhance collaboration.

Employees today are being asked to do more with less.  A Towers Watson global workforce study found that organizations who engage employees around business goals AND help them manage stress, balance and workload see the highest returns. 

With minimal investment, organizations can ensure business growth by helping their highest performers manage work-life challenges.

Organizational consultations begin with an assessment of individual, team and organizational effectiveness.

Key questions include:

  • How do leaders earn employees’ trust and confidence, and show their commitment to employee well-being?
  • Do employees understand their strengths and how it relates to organizational priorities?
  • Do managers have the skills and time necessary to effectively differentiate and manage employees’ performance, coach their teams and support individuals’ career advancement?
  • Do employees have clarity around their career path with different work arrangements?
  • Are the right tools and processes in place for effective collaboration?
  • Are formal flexibility policies supported by positive informal attitudes toward flexibility?

I design customized interventions to build on strengths and styles of employees, managers and teams. By clarifying strategy, increasing flexibility and focusing on results, overall organizational performance improves. Reducing stress and work-life conflict is an important added benefit of a process that builds managerial competence, collaboration and innovation.   

How human capital strategy can help your business:

  • Your high potential talent will be able to take on more complex responsibilities.
  • Devote more energy and creativity work that generates profit 
  • More easily find and keep the best people who fit your culture. 
  • Quickly solve conflicts and navigate difficult and important interpersonal interactions.
  • Reengage disengaged employees and prevent burnout.
  • Spend less time and effort on solving "people problems."
  • Minimize legal expenses to resolve avoidable conflicts and disputes.

To implement your vision, I provide leadership development services in the following major areas:

    ▪    Organizational Development
    ▪    Executive Performance
    ▪    Executive Team Development
    ▪    Change Management
    ▪    Career Transitions
    ▪    Succession Planning