Advisory Services

As an expert on working parenthood, workplace culture change and organizational development, I help businesses implement strategies to become more family friendly and better engage working parents for long-term retention.  I work with companies to create internal and external engagement campaigns and partnerships that amplify reach and impact to the parent audience. My clients include corporations, small businesses, and nonprofits all committed to supporting working families. 

Looking to better support employees to balance work-life and help them avoid burnout?

Overwhelmed by the range of corporate wellness supports available and looking to better understand what would best suit your unique workplace culture? 

Looking for a confidential, on-demand expert outside your company to answer employee questions about work & life? 

Learn more about my retainer for companies committed to increasing retention by improving work-life fit.

Employees today are being asked to do more with less.  A Towers Watson global workforce study found that organizations who engage employees around business goals AND help them manage stress, balance and workload see the highest returns. 

With minimal investment, organizations can ensure business growth by helping their highest performers manage work-life challenges.


In recent years, many companies have emerge to serve the rapidly growing number of new parents in the workforce. These companies have an incredible opportunity to transform the workplace as we know it: creating flexible return to work opportunities, aggregating information about the companies that best support working families, serving parent needs through technology and in a variety of different contexts. 

Is your company looking for:

  • a unique brand voice to help your company stand apart in a crowded market?
  • partnerships with academics, writers and advocates to better support and advance your mission?
  • a clear and coherent strategy for engaging new parents? 

Learn more about my services to support business growth and impact with the working parent market. 


Rachael understands issues at the micro level, for each individual working parent and at the macro level, for working parents at large. Rachael is irreplaceable, but I would love to have a clone of her in my office/home at all times.
— Sarah Kaufman, Transportation Expert, NYU, Mom of 2
I don’t think we realized how much we needed help before starting work with Rachael. Now our decisions are more focused, strategic and effective. Her experience and perspectives have helped us tap our full potential.
— Sean Oakes, Creative Leader, Principal at SOS Brooklyn, Dad of 3