What makes a company "family friendly?" 

This question leads most of us to think about the working mom's dilemma, but that's not what I'm asking. A truly family friendly company meets the needs of all its employees' families. Moms and dads, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, dog-owners. We all fit one of those categories. At one point or another we will be faced by caregiving responsibilities. Laws and policies are critical to supporting us at work and at home. But without careful thought about how work is organized and how those policies are implemented, we might as well not have the laws at all. 

Over the past 10 years coaching and consulting, I have seen many ways in which policies are implemented poorly or ignored.  But I'm seeing some bright spots too. I've learned about companies that are able to be highly profitable and efficient while respecting employee needs outside of work. I want to share their successes and point out our collective areas for improvement. 

So Iā€™m writing a book called REworking Parenthood that will help us understand how companies are succeeding and failing in supporting employees lives. I will talk about how we got to where we are today, and why it's important socially and economically that we transform the american workplace. 

Instead of keeping my findings secret, I want to share them with you as I work on the book and to hear what you think of my discoveries. And I hope to learn about your lives, families and careers: the work-life questions your have asked and the dilemmas and situations in your workplace or community that thrilled, surprised or shocked you.

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