What I'm thankful for as a working parent.

1. Parenting: After a crazy morning shuffle including outfit changes and resistance to strollers, I have a great walk with my kids to school (See below for a scene from our morning drop-off).   At the end of the day, I get to come home from work and kiss some damn cute children. In the midst of an arduous evening routine, they'll do something sweet to remind me why I will do it again tomorrow. 

2. Partnership. My husband is my partner, full stop. We may have different work loads at different times, but we do our best to pick up the slack for each other and parent together. We're a team. 

3. Pay. Because I'm experienced, self-aware and short on time, I know what I'm worth and how to get what I need. 

4. Professional. Nothing is as grounding as being a parent and knowing what true joy or a true crisis is. When I am triggered by a conflict at work, I know when to move past it and brush it off and focus on what matters. 

5. Personal. I have a community of working parents around me who do amazing things. As a fellow parent, I know what kind of herculean effort is required to do what they do well. I am in awe of their creativity and flexibility.  I know that if we weren't parents, we might not have connected or even met. I am so grateful that we did. And that includes you. 


Thank you, for being part of my community and doing what you do so well. 

What are you thankful for this year? I'd love to hear from you.