Selected Clippings  

Rethinking the Work-Life Equation, The New York Times Magazine 

How To Balance 2 Careers In One Family Without Arguing, Fatherly

Going Back to Work After Baby, Psych Central 

Why Having a Female CEO Doesn't Guarantee Work-Life Balance, Fast Company 

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She Was Blindsided By Becoming A Working Parent, Now She's Changing The Conversation About Parental Leave, Power to Fly 

Podcast & Radio

Taking the Lead: A Four Part Series on WNYC's Note to Self

For four weeks in July 2016, WNYC's Note To Self is telling the story of NEED/DONE a project I started with Leslie Ali Walker. Two years ago we launched a tech idea to help harried working mothers who still want to rise up in their professional ranks.

Why? Because of numbers like these:

  • 4.6 percent of S&P 500 companies have female CEOs

  • 43 percent of highly-skilled women with children leave their jobs voluntarily at some point in their careers

  • The U.S. is the only developing country that doesn't mandate paid maternity leave. The Family Medical Leave Act gives workers a maximum of 12 weeks off unpaid per year

  • Almost 70 percent of mothers and over 90 percent of fathers are in the workforce

  • Caregiving is projected to be the largest occupation in the U.S. by 2020

  • Only 7 percent of U.S. startups that received at least $20 million in funding have founders who are women 

Being a working parent can take its toll. Between school lunches, conference calls, soccer practices, quarterly reviews, sleepovers, and PowerPoint presentations, many of you told us that maintaining your sanity, succeeding professionally, and being a present parent feels nearly impossible.

Our story, masterfully told by Manoush Zomorodi, chronicles our efforts to create a solution. 

The Broad Experience 

I discuss the cultural realities mothers face after returning to work with host Ashley Milne-Tyte.

Working Motherhood Podcast

I am proud to be featured on Portia Jackson's Working Motherhood Podcast. Visit her site for more interviews with some impressive working moms.

The Reworking Parents Podcast 

My interviews with working parents on how career and parenting intersect. 

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