4-Session Strategy Package


I trust that by the end of our collaboration you will: 

  • Have a new vision for your career that will get you excited about what’s possible for you personally, professionally and otherwise
  • Understand what actions you need to take to move forward in your career, while focusing on family goals
  • Feel focused in the short term, and confident that you are working toward longer term objectives 
  • Have a clear and detailed plan for how to manage this process 

In order to achieve the above, we will:

  • Pinpoint what things you need to be doing less or more of, differently, or stop doing altogether.
  • Review your accomplishments and experiences of the course of your career.
  • Gain clarity on your priorities and what’s working, not working, or missing.

Part of our process might take the form of:

  • Creating a coherent personal brand
  • Development of a clearly outlined road map for exploring new career options
  • Gaining clarity on your ideal client type(s), and sketch a lean canvas for each
  • Documenting a clear vision and strategy for your business development

What you can expect during our time together:

  • 1-hour coaching sessions to be used at your discretion.  Sessions can be booked __ business days or more in advance.
  • An action oriented, disciplined approach. Each session begins with an assessment of current state, includes reflection, clarifying priorities and ends with action steps. 
  • Exclusive access to resources, exercises and articles to help you gain clarity 
  • Meaningful homework assignments  
  • Email support, as needed up to 1 hour per week. 

For business owners, I also offer a Business Reinvention Package. Contact me for more details about this option. 

Estimated duration:

This varies by individual. Depending on your situation and goals, we might spread these sessions over several weeks or several months. We will discuss and decide on your specific timeline during our first session.

Note that if you want to continue working together after completion of the first four sessions, as many clients do, you can purchase additional session blocks.